Pakistan Govt’s Official YouTube Channel Suspended but Why?


YouTube had briefly suspended the official account of the Government of Pakistan after it received complaints accusing the channel of copyright infringement. its just due to using some local vlogger videos in theirs channels.  This make cause to suspend other channel.

The most notable complaint was from local vlogger, Irfan Junejo, known for making video content focusing on Pakistan’s picturesque regions.

YouTube channel suspend icon

Coping YouTube videos can cause to suspend your channel !!!

Well Junejo, in his tweets, accused the Pakistani government of stealing his footage. The footage in question is of Naran and incorporated into a video titled ‘Family friendly activities in Pakistan’ by the government’s official YouTube channel.


This thing we have to get that before using any content we should ask the owner of that creator that you want to use their videos and they will give you credit as well by doing non professional approach can cause to suspend on YouTube.