UPA united producer association, tweeted yesterday where different celebrities protest against the onairing foreign content on our TV channels:

Pakistani Celebrities protest to Ban foreign content on Pakistani Tv channels

According to  Drive Against Excessive Foreign Content on Local Electronic Media, UPA approach for attention towards more than 10% foreign content being broadcast at the moment


On saturday 12th May 2018,  many celebrities, directors,  Adnan SiddiquiFaysal QureshiAijazz Aslam , Zeeshan KhanWajahat Rauf,Farhan Qaiser , Nauman MasoodHina Bayat , Samina AhmedSabahatali Bukhari Syed Mukhtar Ahmed  and many others came forward to protest out side the court :

‘There should be a certain percentage to onair foreign content but it is showing beyond that percentage and that’s why our content is not showing properly and it create  more people jobless in every aspect of field, we have no personal issues with TV channels we all want to show our Pakistani content on local Tv channels’ Says Adnan Sidque

Showing foreign content might getting cheaper rates for TV channels but this creates issues to technical staff, cameraman, light man, technician etc their family is connected with this field, there is a percentage to show foreign content but it should not be exceeded Says Ijaz Aslam

‘More than 50,000 families are associated with drama and media industry who are become a victim of this biggest issue of showing foreign content which created people jobless and this factor should be solve and we are here outside the Court and protesting and requesting to chief justice to take action on this thing’  Says Faysal Qureshi

Due to the  protest The CJP took notice of the petition, and they have been asked to actors to file an application for the petition.

“The content airing on television is at times inappropriate for the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” We’re all liberal,  but the award shows are ill-suited for the audience due to the inappropriate dresses. This is not our culture, and we will not stand while our traditions and norms are diminished,” Says CJP.  Quote source Express

Notice has been issued to Pemra and other local TV channels