Aeisha Varsey popularly known for her Bridal and trousseau wear. she finally joined a political party PTI. Few days back she held press conference where media/press and bloggers were invited where she broke her  silence and uttered with media about her officially joining with PTI.

Designer Met with chairman of PTI Imran khan at his residency in Bani Gaal, where Imran khan gave her PTA shawl just to show that she becomes the part of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf .

Meeting with my leader the most prestigious & esteemed Khan Sahab,depiction of utter class.A legend, visionary leader & true depiction of his simple, down to earth & humble nature. Class & sophistication personified. After witnessing his life style & the whole mechanism of him running his office my devotion, idealism & patriotism towards Khan Sahab has immensely & un proportionately increased. He has definitely taught me a huge lesson of how to sacrifice your own personal life for the greater good of your nation. Says Aeisha Varsey