Pakistani Movies Released in 2017

1) Balu Mahi: Debut film of Osman Khalid Butt with Anny Jaffrie couldn’t perform well on box office.

2) Raasta: Saahir Lodhi, a well-known TV host also came up with a film which was written, directed, produced and acted by himself this year. The film remained a flop.

3) Chalay Thay Saath: Chalay thay sath had Syra Shehroze in it. People had many expectations for the film but the film couldn’t do any wonders.

4) Project Ghaazi: The film was supposed to release on 14th July but got postponed.


5) Yalghaar: A controversial film that couldn’t do any wonders on box office even with a budget of 50 crore rupees.

6) Mehrunisa V Lub uu: Directed by Yasir Nawaz, Starring Danish Taimoor. The film had the weak script and weak direction but still managed to earn a handsome amount.

7) Geo Sar utha k: The film couldn’t get any success.

8) Chain Na aye: Directed by Syed Noor. The film was poorly visualized and got a backlash from viewers.

9) Namaloom Afraad 2: The film got a big success. Nabeel Qureshi came with a perfection as always.

10) Punjab Nahi Jaun gi: The highest grossing film of 2017 starring Humayun Saeed. The famous dialogue, “help me Durdana” got a big success.

11) Verna: The film was banned before but in the end, it was released. Viewers liked the film with some positive reviews but the film got some negative reviews from critics.

Three other films are also releasing till the end of this year,\par
1. Rangreza
2. Arth 2
3. Chpan Chupai
Let’s see if any of these films can manage to break the records of Punjab Nahi Jaun gi in 2017.