Fakhre Alam the Pakistani TV host wanted to break records and he actually broke the record.  Fakhre Alam became the first ever Pakistani to travel the globe solo and he accomplished that mission. He took this announcement to his official twitter account where he posted that Mission Parwaaz has been accomplished. He also posted a video on his twitter where he can be seen sitting on the plane holding Pakistan’s flag and telling us that he has done it. He wrote on twitter “Pakistan aap sab ko khushkabree deina chaata houn … #MissionParwaaz Mission Accomplished #PakistanZindabad.”


The TV star traveled through 22 countries, a total of 27000 Nautical miles which he completed in a time span of 170 hours. Alam faced a big problem in his last phase of the journey, when he was detained at the Russian Airport for travelling with an expired visa, however he managed to get in contact with Pakistani Ambassador Qazi Khalil Ullah who then provided assistance to Fakhre Alam and helped in completing his mission.

Dr.Faisal updated people with the news on his twitter account where he wrote “Pleased to confirm that visa has been granted to Fakhre Alam by authorities of Russian Federation today in the morning,” he further added on in his tweet that Russia stayed in touch with Fakhre Alam during his stay at the Russian Airport.


Before Fakhre Alam left for his mission he spoke to Dawn Images where he said “”I have to do 26000 nautical miles and fly through all the mediums of the planet to achieve circumnavigation. We’re aiming for a 28-day schedule. The rules state I have to use the same aircraft and be in control of it at all time. I’ll be flying to 30 airports around the world.”

Fakhre Alam said it 3 years back that this mission would be for the people of Pakistan and by accomplishing this mission he really made Pakistan’s head go high up.