The upcoming film directed by Haseeb Hassan and produced by Momina Duraid, Parwaaz hai Junoon have just released their fourth song ‘Main Urra’ which will give us some patriotic vibes. It is the perfect Fit for Independence Day. The film will be releasing this Eid-Ul-Azha however the makers dropped this song on the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan making it the perfect tribute for all those brother in arms.

The Song has been composed, produced, written and executed by Shuja Haider.  We can Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shaz Khan and Hania Amir in the music video. Fighter Pilots going through the clouds gives us the patriotic vibe and looks like a great tribute for the Pakistan Army.



The video starts off where we see Hamza Ali Abbasi in the Airforce suit and he is seen approaching his Fighter Plane, but before that he greets all his Fighter pilot friends as seen in the music video. When Hamza Ali Abbasi is seen all geared up in his Fighter Jet and travelling through the clouds, we also get a glance of Hania Mir who is looking at those Fighter Jets most probably thinking to be a part of the Squadron one day, well that will be revealed to us upon the release of the film. We also get a glance on Shaz Khan who can also be seen fighting some terrorists.

Filled with Missiles, explosions and Ariel fights the film will be showcasing some Jaw Breaking moments. Parwaaz hai Junoon will be revolving around the lifestyle of cadets, their personal life and also their life where they train hard and their patriotism towards their country.

Towards the end of the Music video we see Hamza Ali Abbasi who goes down in Sujood just to embrace his victory, All this Action including Fighter jets and some must watch Ariel dog fights will be making Parwaaz Hai Junoon a must watch.