Sports and Politics are entirely different subjects. Indian tactics to devalue Pakistan in the Cricket world are becoming obvious. Recently India refused to play any type of Cricket with Pakistan. BCCI’s Cricket schedule 2019-2023 does not include Pakistan in spite of ICC regulations. The BCCI maintains its stance that unless the Government of India gives clearance, no bilateral series will be played at home or abroad. Moreover, BCCI is not keen to act as a proactive body to resolve the issue and persuade its government to find a solution.

Regardless of the fact that audiences of both the countries want bilateral series to take place and teams also share cordial relations; the Indian political game hinders every move. This is how Indian government is blending Cricket and politics.

PCB is out to challenge BCCI attitude and has notified the ICC Dispute Resolution Committee to press India for compensation if they are not agreeing to play. PCB’s policy of “Play or Pay” against BCCI strategy may bring a new standoff between the two boards. To make things further dubious, the Indian Cricket board booked Afghanistan to play their first ever test match in 2019 in India. Though the Afghans were scheduled to play against Australia, BCCI’s special interest to host Afghanistan and shrug off Pakistan came out as another indication of India’s unreliable and non-serious Cricketing behavior with Pakistan. Cricket diplomacy has always eased tensions between India and Pakistan and brought the two nations closer. Unfortunately the Indian government is not letting Cricket to play its reconciliation role which is sad part of the story.