Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Reveals Top 8 bands of this year

The show has now released its second episode which is no less than remarkable by all means and also reveals top 8 bands selected for this year which include, Xarb, Bayaan, Sarmasta, Tamasha, Khamaaj, Kaghaz, 21 The Band and Déjà vu.

All participating bands who performed in audition rounds were exceptionally talented and well-groomed which clearly indicates that the show is getting bigger and better this year.
Other bands who participated in the show include I.F.R.A, Dhool, Aag, Ehl-e-Rock, Estraplock, Aarish, Easy Games and OB Positive.

“It looks very easy to be a judge but is a very tough job to be honest. While participants get tensed about public’s reaction to their performance, we as judges have to go through a lot of pressure as we
give our verdict on the performance. The most difficult thing is to make a band go and that’s what really breaks my heart.” said Fawad Khan during auditions of the show.

The bands selected in this episode will be seen competing each other on a bigger stage in episode 03 that will be aired next week as the competition will get tougher for all.