The Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson is going from fantasy to real world action. He is now working on WW1 documentary film also the news is that film is going to be colored not the black and white documentaries, I think its gonna be fun to watch and also very helpful.


Jacksons movie, the news was announced on Monday and will be showing the true colors of war which was taken back almost 100 years ago in 1914 and remained till 1918. 4 years thank god I wasn’t alive that time. The New Zealand based director of hobbit and lord of the rings Is doing a great job in making of this movie by using hand drawn paintings, With some audio collections and some archives which were found during the World War 1. The director has once again giver birth by restoring the Imperial War Museum in this documentary. He said that that the aim is to show how it was to fight in the World War 1.

Upon being asked the director said “We all know what First World War footage looks like, It’s sped-up, it’s fast, like Charlie Chaplin, grainy, jumpy, scratchy, and it immediately blocks you from actually connecting with the events on screen. But the results we have got are absolutely unbelievable. They are way beyond what I expected. This footage looks like it was shot in the last week or two, with high definition cameras.”

The film will be premiering in the London Film Festival and before being broadcasted on BBC television also every school in the UK will get a copy of the Documentary. The film is a story of 100 years back, 14-18, which has presented works of more than 200 artists over four years to

remember all the spoils of war and all those 20 million people who died in vein, we cant wait for this documentary!!!