The 71 year old filmmaker Steven Spielberg has revealed that the sequel of Adventures Of TinTin is in the making however the film will not be coming out anytime soon. Steven Spielberg directed the first part of Adventures of Tintin and after that he had announced that Peter Jackson would be working on the Sequel of Adventures of TinTin.

After the first part of this movie there was no news about a sequel nor there was any work done regarding the film however Steven Spielberg has now confirmed that Peter Jackson has to second part of the film.

Steven Spielberg recently said in an interview at the French Magazine Premiere “ Peter Jackson has to do the second part of the film. We hope that everything goes well and he will soon start working on the script. It takes almost two years of work in the making of an animated film, I would say that film will be coming out after almost three years of work, But Peter Jackson will stick to the project because TINTIN is not dead!!.

Adventures of Tintin was basically a comic book which was designed by Georges Remi in 1929 and this comic book was one the most famous stories in the comic book history and people loved the character of Tintin, people of all age groups loved this character.

The first part of The adventures of Tintin was a successful project and big hit it got a total OF 74 percent on Rotten tomatoes.  Critics said that Steven Spielberg is a magician as he crafted a thrilling adventure full of surprises in the form on TINTIN. The first part was produced by Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy.

Peter Jackson who is also known for his famous films The lord of the rings, was supposed to direct the sequel for The adventures of TINTIN after he was done from his films The Hobbit. Peter Jackson could not work on the film however he will now be starting to work on the film let’s see what these artists produce with the sequel of Adventures of TINTIN.