Warner Bros and DC films are developing a new film on the character Plastic Man, the film is based on the DC character that made its debut in 1941. According to reports from Hollywood reporter it is being said that Amanda Idoko has been selected to write the script of Plastic Man and Bob Shaye the co-founder of new line cinemas will executive produce the film, no director has been selected uptil now.

Plastic Man is able to transform himself into any shape. An orphan forced to live on the streets, he turned to a life of crime, was shot during a heist, and was exposed to an unknown chemical liquid that gave his body the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch, bounce, and mold himself into any shape.

According to the DC comics Plastic Man was into crimes at first and then he was shot by someone however there was a monk who turned all his attention towards him and turned him towards the right path where he started fighting against criminals and capturing bad guys wearing a red and yellow rubber costume and that is why he got the name Plastic Man.

DC Comics got the character in 1956 and began using Plastic Man into the DC Universe. DC’s film production president Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong are discussing the project for the studio.

Meanwhile, the latest DC film, Jason Momoa starrer Aquaman arrives next week. The movie is directed by James Wan and will be hitting the big screens on 21 December.