“Pond’s Miracle Journey” formerly underwent an exclusive meet-and-greet on the 17th of November 2017, premised at Movenpick Hotel in Karachi.

Over a span of three years, the Pond’s Miracle Journey has celebrated over 300 women in the fields of health, social activism, entrepreneurship, beauty, professional training and education. These women achieved exemplary success and displayed openness and leadership skills: whilst defying society and all odds. This year Pond’s Miracle Journey aims to leverage the strength of the past honorees to enable the younger girls via a Mentorship program which allows one-on-one interaction between the younger mentees and industry leading women. The Pond’s Miracle Journey Mentorship Programme is designed for women to turn struggles into success; develop work-life balance and learn from some of Pakistan’s trailblazing women.

“Pond’s Miracle Journey has honored Pakistan’s most pioneering women for the last 3 years, and we’re thrilled to build on that history by giving our audience of young women a chance to hear directly from our miracle women through these workshop and college sessions,” said Samir Sultan, Senior Brand Manager Skincare Unilever Pakistan.”

“PMJ believes that with the right guidance, advice and support, the movement can be a possible leaf turner for the next generation; a dream inscribed into reality.”

As a first step, 30 candidates were selected out of the 2000 applicants and shortlisted as follows: 10 in Entrepreneurship, 5 in Health, 5 in Social Activism, 5 in Beauty and 5 in Education. The mentors included Vaneeza Ahmad, Model and Entrepreneur of Vlawn; Nilofer Saeed, owner of Ne’cos and Hobnob; Saima Saeed, owner of Sam’s Kitchen; Nazli Akbar fashion designer; Lubna Shahzad, owner of Rain Tree Spa; Hiba Masood from Drama Mama; Afreen Shiraz, owner of Ellemint Spa & Salon; Humaira Bachal, an activist; Sadia Sheikh, coach for Diya Women’s Football club; Aneela Darbar, assistant professor of Neurosurgery at AKUH; Dr. Fehmida Arif, a dermatologist and Farhat Rasheed, president of Show You Care. The main focus was to transfer knowledge and expertise from the experienced, working women to the novice professional in a 2 day workshop held at Movenpick.

“The second phase of PMJ is definitely a better phase for me because I am giving back. These girls with dreams and aspirations are getting the right kind of guidance from an early stage and honestly this is something that I wish I had in my life when I was younger because with this guidance you’re bringing forth so many more career-driven women. Hats off to Pond’s for making

this happen,” said former model and now entrepreneur, Vaneeza Ahmad during her mentoring session.

“Considering we don’t really have proper career counselling available at universities, this is why such promising initiatives are exactly what young girls entering into the work field require. I for one, feel great to be a part of this empowering movement,” said Nilofer Saeed, the owner of Ne’cos and Hobnob during her mentoring session.