Maryam Nasim Weightlifter

Pakistani-Australian powerlifter Maryam Nasim has her eyes set on gold in the upcoming powerlifting championship in Melbourne, which will be held in March.


Maryam Nasim powerlifter

Pakistani Female Champion

Maryam Nasim

Maryam, who won a Silver medal last year, shared with Geo News that her goal is to perform better than she did last year.

“I am currently training for the upcoming competition five days a week,” she remarked, adding “I do a full-time job and then after job, I train at the gym. I spend about four hours in the gym.”

Maryam, who will participate in three competitions of 57kg-category, also pointed out that her training is getting harder. “It is getting a bit harder and a little difficult. But I enjoy it my journey. I don’t put pressure on myself.”