PTI leader Imran Khan’s third alleged marriage has become a talk of town – while we are waiting for the confirmation of this news it is surprising to see a video gone viral on internet where Qandeel Baloch revealing some shocking details about a Peerni (spiritual leader) in Imran Khan’s life.

In an exclusive conversation in an evening show on a private channel, Qandeel Baloch talked about a suspicious girl, Pinky, who lived in Bani Gala with IK and was involved in spiritual activities.

In her interview, Baloch claimed that IK seek guidance of Pinky in matters of high importance. Giving further details about that unknown girl, Baloch also added that that girl was an ex-daughter-in-law of a prominent MNA and Khan sahib had been on good terms with her family.

Qandeel Baloch revealed all these details when the show anchor inquired about the beautiful ring Khan sahib spotted wearing at recent event.

Baloch informed her that the ring was actually gifted by Pinky to him.

Now the rumors about Immy K’s alleged third marriage with Bushra Manika doing the rounds, it won’t be wrong to say that Qandeel Baloch had actually indicated towards Bushra Manika in her interview.

The matter about Imran Khan’s third marriage came to the spotlight when The News special correspondant Umar Cheema shared an investigative report about his marriage in a secret ceremony. According to the report, the marriage ceremony took place on the night of January 1 in Lahore.

The nikah was performed by Mufti Saeed, a member of PTI core committee. When media contacted Mufti sahib for confirmation of news, he preferred to remain tight-lipped on the issue.

Although Bushra Manika’s ex-husband and son have denied these rumors in video message and media gatherings but the general perception of the public is that they are hiding it for unknown reasons.

If the rumors proved true that it will be third marriage of Imran Khan. He had first tied the knots with Jemima Khan on May 16, 1995 that ended in divorce after nine years on June 22, 2004. His second marriage was with Reham Khan, that barely last for 10 months.