Qavi Khan

Qavi Khan carves his niche with his Hollywood debut ‘Forbidden Steps’

Gone are the days when Hollywood was like a far-fetched dream. Be it a cameo or a full-fledged role, our beloved celebs are leaving no stones unturned to make their presence felt overseas.

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Qavi Khan is Pakistan’s recent export to Hollywood!

Mentioning his recent conversation with Celebdhaba:Qavi Khan shared his experience of tasting the Hollywood flavor.

The title of the film is ‘Forbidden Steps’ it’s a family drama. I play father to actor ‘Farhan Tahir’. I shot for the film for a month. “It was really an interesting vicinity to explore for an actor like me, as i portray a very special character in the film” Khan said.

Qavi Khan

He was, however, quick to add: The system of Hollywood is far more competitive than  Lollywood. In Pakistan, we celebrate on bagging a role, but in Hollywood, people celebrate on getting an audition.

I was approached for the film a couple of months earlier. I had a meeting with their team, they narrated me the script. I liked the entire narrative and came on board.

Qavi Khan

When a director has to make a choice that requires involving foreign cast, they choose their cast based solely on the characteristic features of the protagonist from the script. At least this definitely applies to Hollywood!

Qavi Khan

In Pakistan, we learn from our seniors as we don’t have academies to learn acting. When I started shooting for Forbidden Steps, I realized there was a big void in my career. They have a lot of respect for acting as a craft. They value their time, work status and their work unit.

Qavi Khan

We were allotted time sheets for the schedules, right from the junior to senior artist each of us were entitled to follow it. It was opposite to what we practice in Pakistan. There are special visas and permits to go and work in Hollywood. They extract the best quality of work from their actors, without any pressure. I was very well received as an actor, we had a farewell ceremony post the shooting of the film we hugged each other, cried together and said goodbye.

The veteran actor pointed out the key difference between performing in the two industries lies in how the audience perceives an actor. The parameter is engaging and charismatic, for me as an actor it was a luxury to get such film.

‘Forbidden Steps’ is directed and written by Iram Parveen Bilal.

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