Ishq na kare Koi is the upcoming drama serial which is story revolving around a girl played by Rabab Hashim who is deeply in love with a however the girl goes through a heartbreak and because of this she starts hating the boy who cheated on her. The drama serial Ishq Na Kare Koi has been written by Ali Moeen, Directed by Abdullah Badini, the drama is being produced by Zeeshan Khan under the banner of TNI productions.

Rabab Hashim To Star In Drama “Ishq Nah Kario Koi”

The cast of the drama is very promising including Rabab Hashim, Firdous Jamal, Faria Sheikh, Noor Hassan, Javed Jamal, Javed Sheikh, Hajra Yamin, Humayun Ashraf, Saba Faisal and many others. We asked Rabab Hashim about her character in the drama Ishq Na Kare Koi and this is what the actress told us “My character’s name is Fariha, ill be starting off as a timid girl with no self-esteem and no confidence however I’ll be going through some changes as the drama moves on.” The actor further added on “I love the character because it tells us that there is no good or bad in this world, certain circumstances and emotions make us do things.”

Noor Hasan will be playing alongside Rabab Hashim as the male lead role. It is still not decided that which channel will be airing the drama. We asked the actor about her experience and this is what she told us “it has been really fun working with the team, and portraying this character is also fun and this character is different from all the other roles I play in various drama serials.” It looks like rabab Hashim is planning to sign some new contracts for some drama serials, Rabab Hashim is really looking forward to a successful year. This is all what we know about the upcoming drama serial. Lets see what impact this drama has on the people once it releases.