Rabi Peerzada Talks About The Picture That Went Viral On Social Media

Rabi Pirzada Death News and Biography, Rabi Peerzada Pakistan’s famous pop singer, the singer was born in Quetta and is the daughter of Former Pakistani Army Officer, Major Humayun Peerzada. Rabi Peerzada made her debut in the industry back in 2005 with her Dahdi Kuree which was big hit, Rabi Peerzada gained a lot of popularity through her singing. Not only this the actor also hosted a TV  Musical Show Sur Sangeet.

Rabi Peerzada made her film debut with the film Shor Sharaba in the lead role alongside the famous Meera, Rabi’s next appearance will be in the film ‘Pyaar ki F.I.R’ a project by Saleem Muraad where she will be seen alongside Arbaaz Khan.

Rabi Pirzada Death News

Rabi Pirzada Death News, Recently the internet was flooded with pictures of Rabi which showed that Rabi had committed Suicide. We asked Rabi Peerzada what the actual story was and she told us “My social media handles are handled by my managers, and I have about 6 managers who look after all my social media because when I’m in the studio, I’m just busy writing the lyrics and working on my song’s, Rabi Pirzada Death News over her Rabi Peerzada Death Viral Video so basically when this picture went viral we were doing a video which showed us the negative side of the society where woman have to go through beatings and face tough time from their partners or from people in the society.”

Rabi Pirzada Death

She further added on “So I had this picture and I told my managers to raise awareness about this thing, one of my Managers posted the picture late at night and I had no idea because I fall asleep really early, so the next day when I woke up and picked up my phone I scrolled through my phone reading messages that if I’m okay or not and if even alive, I started clarifying people that I would never commit such a sin in my entire life.”

Well from this we get to know a small mistake can lead to big consequences. This is what the actor told us about the mishap that happened in her life.