Rabi Pirzada released her latest track ‘Tu jo saath nahi’

Much awaited song of Rabi Pirzada is finally out now ‘Tu Jo saath nahi hathoon main haath nahi

“My aim was to create something melodic for our country’s music listeners. I think this song has a lot of potential because we have a big audience that wants to listen to nice, traditional music. So far, I have received a pretty good response and I will be sure to release more such music videos in the future.”

Pirzada explains that the music video shows the story of a wife who is continuously trying to get a hold of her husband, but he ignores all her calls. During this, a robbery takes place leading to her being killed. The Wada singer further expressed that the message she is trying to portray within the visuals is that something as simple as attending to someone’s call can make a big difference. “That may be the last call you ever receive from your loved one, so pick up – that’s the lesson.” -Quote source Tribune.


Her picture also went viral before the song release, Celebdhaba team confirmed initially about the song came out.

“My social media handles are handled by my managers, and I have about 6 managers who look after all my social media because when I’m in the studio, I’m just busy writing the lyrics and working on my song’s, so basically when this picture went viral we were doing a video which showed us the negative side of the society where woman have to go through beatings and face tough time from their partners or from people in the society.”

She further added on “So I had this picture and I told my managers to raise awareness about this thing, one of my Managers posted the picture late at night and I had no idea because I fall asleep really early, so the next day when I woke up and picked up my phone I scrolled through my phone reading messages that if I’m okay or not and if even alive, I started clarifying people that I would never commit such a sin in my entire life.”