TV actress Srha asgr and Rabya Kulsum have launched their online choreography channel on YouTube. The duo will be promoting the Pakistani music industry and will also be showcasing their dancing skills so that people can groove on the Pakistani music.


Speaking to us Srha asgr revealed how they came up with this project “Initially Rabya had this idea in her mind and I agreed to it as we lack such platforms in Pakistan.” Talking about their YouTube content srha said “We are taking all Pakistani songs and some of international songs and performing dances choreographed by us. We will also be doing choreographies for weddings and film along with celebrities collaborations.”

Well we haven’t seen any female choreographer in Pakistan and let’s have a look what srha has to say about this “It is not difficult to work together but yes it is a very hard task to perform in Pakistan that too being a female. It is very risky but we are willing to take risks.”

Talking about the song selection Rabya Kulsoom said “we are strictly not going to choose any Indian songs for our channel we will be promoting Pakistani music and yes we will also be picking some songs from Hollywood as well.” Talking about her experience she further added on “The experience was great and we learnt many things from the shoot however expectations are that we’ll have to wait a little long for the best response however at this moment we are getting some really quick views plus some positive comments and we are hoping for the best in the near future.”

Talking about the fears and support Rabya stated “well we had no fear while doing this however if we talk about dance choreography Pakistan is way behind and this trend has gone really high on International grounds however we will try our best and talking about the family support our family has supported us with this idea because we have the talent and we our showcasing it so yeah while doing this we had no fear.”

Well we wish Rabya Kulsoom and Srha Asgr all the best and we hope their Youtube Channel reaches milestones.