Rabya Kulsoom, Raeed Mohammad Alam and Srha Asghar have joined the cast with Maria Wasti in Shehr-E-Malal. The drama serial produced by TNI productions will be revolving around the character of Maria Wasti where we will be seeing how a woman goes through different phases of her life. She will be playing the role of Tabinda. Shehr-e-Malal is the tale of a strong woman whose power is her grace as she transforms her life and of those around her. She handles the circumstances with utmost intelligence.

Celebdhaba spoke to Rabya Kulsoom about her character and the actor told us “I will be playing the role of a girl who’s from a lower background and her only motive in life is Money and is really materialistic, I worked on my look for this character, I’ll be portraying a negative role.” We asked her about her experience with the cast and she told us “im working with a great director and Furqan Adam is one of my favorite director, I loved the whole cast, I got to learn many things with senior actors in the cast.”

Speaking to Raeed Mohammad Alam about his character the actor told us “I’ll be playing the role Kamran, a person who has a very negative point in his life, his character is selfish who only thinks about himself and wants everything to go by his choice whether it’s good or bad.” He further added on “I’m having the time of my life on the sets of Shehr-E-Malal, I worked with some amazing actors and got to learn a lot, let’s not forget Furqan Adam the person who pushes me and keeps on motivating me it’s a pleasure working with him.”

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The third person who joined the cast Srha Asghar did not reveal much about her character but she told us “My character will be the nice one a character who is really attached to her mother but is facing many problems because some people in her family aren’t happy with her.” Typical joint family issues, but yes we just got a glimpse of the new characters and to find out more about the drama serial we have to look out for every episode once the drama comes out.