Over the years, digital sphere has seen an exponential growth worldwide. Sadly, though, Pakistan is lagging behind in this realm with no online service to produce, curate and distribute original, local content. Luckily, TV producer Rafay Rashdi is here to change the situation as he is soon going to launch a service for emerging local talent, as reported by tribune.com.pk.

Seeti.pk, as Rashdi would like to call it, is a digital portal which will manage all original online productions, very much similar like Netflix.

He says: “We are the cusp of new emerging technologies which other countries have already evolved and moved on to. However, in Pakistan, there is still a gap and it’s not being fulfilled as of yet. Although TV itself has found its calling, is established, high up in the ranks and competing with international leaders, this (digital) area needs to be capitalised on. Seeti.pk offers this avenue and the stream of communication and media.”

The digital portal will not only be airing short films and web series but also entertainment news, features, reviews, travelogues and discussions. “We will be taking baby steps initially, starting with one or two shows and then growing our collection,” he explained.

Rashdi will be serving as Seeti’s chief executive producer and one of its three stakeholders with officer Abrar ul Hasan (CEO at Morango Films and director of the first Pakistan International Film Festival) and chief operating officer Danielle Sharaf (also CEO at Switch ITC) being the other two.

Hasan feels and hopes that the new platform will unite different institutions, organisations and production houses. “We must promote the trend of valuing digital content so that we can use the digital sphere responsibly. Basically, this portal will promote the content in a trans-media way. We are on the track to create a digital platform that will help promote content produced by us as well as others.”