The film thora Jee Le is 2017 feature film written and directed by Rafay Rashdi. The film is produced by Mahtab Akbar Rashdi. The fil introduced a variety of fresh faces namely Rizwan Ali Jaffrey, Bilal Abbas khan, Ramsha Khan, Fatima Shah, Ahsan mohsin Ikram, Kasim khan and salman faisal. The movie depicts a story about friendship, self discovery and trust who venture on a journey to find about that however fate has different plans for them. The film was released on 20th January 2017, but the film was not given much attention it was in theaters for a very less time and it also did not get international coverage because of which the cast could not get much attention.

The film takes place in Karachi and some of Larkana. The story tells us about 7 diiferent friends who are all different from each other. Rizwan ali jaffrey a rich businessman, Billal abbas khan as a party guy who always wants to chill. Ramsha khan in the movie plays a role as the aspiring rich business women. Salman faisal as the caring person who thinks about everyone, Fatima jillani played the high class fashion girl in the movie whose only dream is to get the guy of her dreams.

It is said that people did not enjoy the film because of its poor acting or overreacting and the misplaced songs which did not make any sense. Thora jee lee was a story about importance, self discovery except that was not it.

We Got in touch with  Rafay Rashdi and this is what he had to say about the film

“ this film was a great experience for me and all the fils do no go as planned but it was a great experience for me and also for my cast this experience has pushed me in making a new movie and I will, my story has a great message for the youth for drug addiction and we should focus on the youth,”.

Iflix Pakistan first digital media just like Netflix is going to be airing the movie and Iflix is going to be releasing the movie Thora jee le on 22 December 2017. Lets see if this time the movie gets a positive response or not.