Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone recently tied the knot and the duo was looking great at their wedding ceremony. As Said by Ranveer Singh their love story was full of patience.  The duo decided to tie the knot after six months of being together. Filmfare conducted Ranveer Singh’s interview and the actor had opened up about his relationship and admitted that he knew Deepika was the one.

While speaking to Filmfare the actor said “I’ve been ready to tie the knot for a while. I was just waiting for Deepika to be ready. It would happen whenever she had decided. I was fully ready and raring to go.” He further talked about the destinations of their wedding ceremonies he said “Whatever she wished, I wanted her to have it. That’s the first step in being the husband of the millennium, Whatever her vision of getting married, I wanted her to realise it. Whatever she wanted, it was done exactly in that manner. Deepika deserves every bit of it. I too deserve happiness and my happiness comes from her happiness. It’s that simple.”

After all this many people may think that Deepika Padukone is one lucky girl to get a loving and caring husband like Ranveer Singh however Ranveer completely disagrees and he said “I’m lucky to have her. I knew all too well that this is the woman I’m going to marry. This is the woman who would become the mother of my children,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about marriage seriously for almost three years now. I was just waiting, I told her the minute you say so, we’ll do it.”

The newly-wed couple is busy at the moment hosting their marriage ceremonies at different places they hosted their marriage last night in Mumbai. We wish the duo a happy life ahead of them.