News has popped up on internet hammered by the Indian media quoting Pakistan’s former batsman, Muhammad Yousuf advising Sarfaraz to consult Dhoni for counseling and tips in the wake of recent battering in New Zealand. Apart from the argument whether the news is authentic or not, the thing is, Sarfaraz badly needs counseling from someone like Dhoni’s stature. PCB cannot afford to turn a blind eye to what is happening in New Zealand. This has been the case since the first ODI. Pakistan is being succumbed to more defeats in every next match; meanwhile the captain stands behind the wicket dejected and clueless.

No doubt, Dhoni has proved his mettle by keeping the wickets and leading the team from front at the same time. There seems nothing awkward if few recommendations from Dhoni for Sarfaraz make things good, otherwise it’s just a suggestion by Pakistan’s former batting genius.

“I think Sarfaraz needs to work on his fitness and skills a lot more. Unless he is in top form he can’t expect the team to respond,” Yousuf was quoted.

At times, great Pakistani cricketers have advised Indian players that were equally acknowledged by them. After all, it’s not Dhoni’s duty to uplift Pakistan team’s morale but the vacuum appears so apparent between the players and team management and problems are so expanse, that we are compelled to think out of the box to solve Pakistan Cricket’s prevailing tribulations. So the issues persist with the team and they are to be resolved by us, not from someone else’s opinion. The losing streak against New Zealand is steadily tarnishing Sarfaraz Ahmed’s image and likely debate of appointing a future captain looks imminent.

In this entire drawback, one thing looks inveterate, that the PCB has no instant formula to prescribe a remedy for these ills that have been deeply rooted in Pakistan Cricket from many years.