Not always do we have a highly convincing horror film in Bollywood that sends shivers down our spines. But it looks like Anushka Sharma’s upcoming Pari might just change the scenario. From what we’ve seen from its trailer and several screamers so far, this one is purely scary, taking the supernatural element in Hindi films higher.

Anushka Sharma the actor is taking riks with her production house NH10 and uptil now the actor has amazed us with all her productions. She aslo impressed the audience with  Phillauri. While her first project was a fantasy one the second one was about a friendly ghost. We started thinking that ghosts might actually be good but Anushka Sharma has come up with a frightening movie Pari. Well this shoes us that Anushka Sharma isn’t scared from challenges and always want to take up new challenges.

When we try to bring ‘horror’ and ‘Bollywood’ in the same line, we are reminded of some unconvincing and creepy looking ghosts and flying spirits and try to scare us in films heavily relying on VFX and some lousy plot of rebirth and revenge.

Contrary to the word Pari, the film suggests that this one isn’t any cute fairytale. It has a bloody Anushka, who is a victim of some supernatural force trying to inflict pain on her. Her bloody red eyes, battered body and creepy marks are making our heart beats faster. And this is all what we’ve seen in the trailer. The film has loads more in store. Anushka is ready to leave her audience terrified after watching her latest film too.

Pari has opted for a no promotion strategy. This is to ensure that no spoiler about the film is leaked and its fear quotient remains intact. So this is all we know about the film and we are sure that this film will do a lot in the Bollywood box office also will be one of the best horror films in the hindi film industry.