Well as we all know there are some moments of cheer in our life or some moments that make us really happy, those moments stay with us for the rest of our lives. With all the Potterhead fans who cheered for Neville and cried when Sirius black died. But there was a moment that rose a question in our mind, and that question came up when Professor snape (Alan Rickman) dies in the movie and tell about how he protected Harry all these years making him the hero living in the shadows.

Snape (Alan Rickman) was hated for years until he sacrificed his life for the greater good. We cheered for Harry when he participated in the Triwizard tournament and hated on Snape when he got Lupin fired but we forgot to appreciate all the times he really protected Lily’s boy because, he had her eyes.

Since he first associated himself with the dark side, Snape had earned bad reputation. And even when he got back on the good side, he still lived with all the hate that was bestowed upon him. Probably it was his way of punishing himself for all the times he vowed his allegiance to the dark side. The life of a double agent was never going to be easy, he had Voldemort on one side and Dumbledore on the other, Snape (Alan Rickman) was always at tough times.

Looking back at Harry’s early years at Hogwarts, we always believed that Snape was there to destroy Harry’s plans but in fact, it was him who was trying to protect him. It was his love for Lily that made him care but those years when James bullied him mercilessly were never forgotten.

Snape was killed by Nagini but until he breathed his last, his true allegiance was never known by Harry. He lived his life protecting the chosen one and lived in the shadows posing as the villain.  Fans of the movie still regret hating Professor snape as he was always the good guy but we thought of him as the villain.