Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer starrer film is a light hearted comedy that has potential to pull crowd to the cinemas.

The film was premiered last night in a star-studded event and we were fortunate enough to watch its very first show. This high on entertainment film is captivating and takes viewers on a hilarious roller coaster with some amazing performances.

Here are the four reasons we strongly recommend you to invest your money in watching it.

For the super hot Neelam Muneer

If you are a diehard fan of Neelum Muneer then it is a must-watch film for you. You’ll get a chance to watch her in an unseen avatar. Neelam Muneer looks super hot and rightly serves the purpose of having an eye candy in the film.

For mind boggling performances of young stars

The strongest part of the film has been awesome performances by young artists from theatre. With this film, they have proved their worth as a valuable addition in the industry.

Vajdan Shah as Teeli, Zayeed Sheikh as Faddy and Ali Rizvi as Koki have given memorable performance of their career in the film. With impeccable comic timing, they all were so comfortable in front of the camera that we didn’t get a feel that they were appearing on silver screen for the very first time. Among all, Ali Rizvi was a show stealer for me as he made us laugh with his funny face and weird expressions every time he appeared on screen.

Television actor Faizan Khawaja has also done a superb job as minister ka beta.

For the good dose of entertainment and masala

Although the main plot of the film lacks novelty and freshness but there have been few punches that hit right and has raised a sudden burst of laughter among viewers. The writer has very intelligently poke fun at our flawed political system with some witty dialogues.

Although the second part of the film is a bit stretched especially a lot of emphasis has given on the character of Inspector Chauhdry but the way his anjaam was show was really hilarious.

For style and shaskay of Udaari star

Udaari star, Ahsan Khan has made a comeback to films through Chupan Chupai – and we don’t have any hesitation in saying that he hasn’t made any mistake while selecting his comeback film. Although there isn’t any hero and heroine in the film but the way Ahsan Khan shows -off his starry shashkay is surely to look for.

Final Verdict: If you love comedy flicks like Phir Hera Phiri, Na Maloom Afraad and Golmaal then Chupan Chupai is a must-watch for you.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5