Avengers: Endgame the film that marked the end of the original Avengers in the original Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film brought many main characters against one last fight against Thanos. Captain America who retires and Tony Stark (Iron Man) dies in the film, the Hulk who becomes a professor and Thor hands over Asgard to Valkyrie. The avengers part their ways however that does not mean Marvel puts an end to their Cinematic Universe.

Marvel will now be focusing on Standalone films promoting women as Superheroes, and non-white superheroes. The cinematic universe will continuing with Spider-Man, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and many more. Robert Downey Jr. who played the role of Tony Stark and Iron Man has suggested for a film on a female Iron-man who is inspired by the original Tony Stark who is no more.

The female Iron-Man who is known as Iron Heart, in the comic book book world she is a fifteen year old girl who is a tech wizard gets into Massachusetts Institute of Technology via scholarship and the fifteen year old girl then designs a prototype just like Iron-Man after she steals from her college however before she gets caught she escapes and later on towards the story when she completes the prototype she gets an approval from Tony Stark. Does that mean a prequel? Well we do not know if the film will be made however talks are still in place and currently Avengers: Endgame is making its big run and is only 46 Million Dollars behind the leading Gloabal box office film Avatar