It was a massive investment of $133 Million by the Italian club Juventus to acquire transfer of Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid last year. In a hope that the Portuguese star may fuel the fire for them to clinch the Champions League title this year, but all hopes are gone now when the Dutch rivals, Ajax stunned Juventus by 2-3 on aggregate last night.

Initially it all went Juventus way when Ronaldo’s accurate header beat the Ajax goal keeper giving the Italians an edge in the crucial match.

Ajax didn’t take too long to come back into the game. Donny Van De Beek got a clear ball which he comfortably netted to level the scores just after five minutes.

Matthijs’s goal decided the fate of Juventus.

The shocker that put Juventus behind in the race came in the 67th minute when Matthijs de Ligt’s header penetrated Juventus goal sealing the defeat for Ronaldo’s team.

There’s been so much talk about Juventus failure even this year in spite of signing world’s most expensive player. The gamble didn’t work for them and critics have raised concerns about Ronaldo’s inclusion at this cost without any substantial result. Apart from all happenings, one thing’s sure that the Champions League semi-finals will not feature Ronaldo for the first time since 2010.

Ronaldo undoubtedly a champion player, a genuine match winner, but it’s the game that can take a lethal turn anytime until 90 minutes of playing time comes to an end. He was heartbroken after the final whistle and his body language depicted an epitome of disappointment.  

Even though Ronaldo won’t be seen for further action in the premier tournament, we still have so many other world class footballers and giant clubs to watch competing for breathtaking finishes. Liverpool vs. Porto and Manchester City vs. Tottenham will clash for the remaining two spots of semi-finals tonight.