Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinki are going to be teaming up for comedy film the ‘Imaginary Friends’ according to some recent reports the film will be backed up by Paramount pictures and the film will written and directed by John Krasinki.

It was a bid war between producers on who would get the project and leaving all the film studios behind Paramount pictures came out on top after the final negotiations.  Well the plot details of the film have not been revealed as the film has still not gone on the floors yet however it is being reported that the film will be based on a man who can talk to imaginary friends and also talk to people’s imaginary friends however when an imaginary friends gets neglected and is left out he shows his dark side which is really bad and that is when Ryan Reynolds will show up to save the world or maybe some people from the dark Imaginary friend. It is still unclear who will be playing the role of the dark imaginary friend.

On the other hand we have Ryan Reynolds who has also joined Will Ferrell in the remake of Charles Dickens famous film the Christmas Carol which will be coming out very soon and yes talking about John Krasinki he is currently working on the sequel of his previous horror project ‘A Quiet Place’ the film was a blockbuster hit and had bagged many awards.