Lollywood and Hollywood star Saba Qamar has recently told us that how she felt when she got frisked at the airport just because she had a Pakistani Passport. If you guys think that celebrities do not face problems just because they are well known or something, in that case you guys are wrong and to prove this statement Saba Qamar gave us proof. Saba qamar who is currently starring in Baaghi the Pakistani drama and recently starred beside Irfaan Khan in Hindi medium which took over the Bollywood box office. She pured her hearts out saying how much discrimination Pakistani people face at international airports just because they are Pakistani.

The actor was in tears when she shared the feelings about being frisked at airports just because shes Pakistani. A 49 second video of Saba Qamar has gone viral in no time showing how bad she feels about being discriminated. The actor is heard saying in the video “ We say that Pakistan is great and boast about it, saying Pakistan zindabad, but I just got to know that where we stand, we stand nowhere in the eyes of international governments, I remember the time when I went to Tbilisi a state of Georgia, I was the only who was stopped my entire Indian crew passed without any problem, but I was stopped because I was Pakistani and I had a Pakistani Passport, they investigated about me, checked me and also took me for an interview then they let me passed. That day I realized that what position we Pakistani people hae and where we stand.”


Sabah Alam took this issue onto her twitter and tweeted “It’s not just #SabaQamar who feels humiliated. All #Pakistanis feel humiliated when we are considered a terrorist state, when our children are killed like flies & we can’t get justice for them, when terrorist like #HafizSaeed roam around freely & we watch them helplessly.” Is this the right way we Pakistanis are treated, after thinking about how much respect we have on international grounds??