Middle Class’

Sadia Jabbar announces her next film production ‘Middle Class’

One cliche we’ve heard time and again about how one of the major components for a good film is a good story. Most times the blockbusters fail to have that very ingredient since a lot of the masses would rather see their favourite movie stars shake a leg, rather than rack their brains over a story that challenges them.

Producer Sadia Jabbar is all set to produce her next film titled ‘Middle Class’.

Jabbar has several mega hit television serials to her credit.

Although her first film production ‘Balu Mahi’ didn’t quite lived up to the audience expectation. We hope Jabbar hits the bulls eye with ‘Middle Class’

Speaking to Celebdhaba, Sadia gave us a sneak peek as to what the film is all about:

“Middle class is my second feature film. It shed’s light on the dreams and desires of Pakistan’s middle class society. I am always a strong believer of the fact that content is king; therefore the film will be complete package in terms of entertainment value.

Middle Class’

It’s a thought provoking subject which addresses the meaningful issues of such people prevalent in the society. This time around I have paired up with a new team; it goes on floor next year, post summer. We are aiming for a 2020 release. The cast of the film will be revealed later”

Stay tuned to Celebdhaba for more updates.