Sajid Hasan the famous Pakistani Actor had recently gone through a hair transplant, but the actor also went through a massacre. The actor has now got an infection on his head and the hair transplant has ruined his head.

In a video message the experienced actor narrated that how an old acquaintance, a medical doctor had been pleading him since 9 years to get a hair transplant from him, At first the actor was not so satisfied to get the hair transplant, but the actor then took a step to get a hair transplant, two months ago he got his hair transplant, but was worried that after the hair transplant no medical tests were conducted.

Sajid Hassan also admitted that a day after the medical hair transplant, he started feeling sick and suffered an infection on the head, he suffered from severe fever as well. “However, the doctor kept assuring me that ‘all is well’ and this is normal procedure,” he said.

He added to the statement that during the ordeal, he remained passed out for 15 days but the doctor did not even consider this issue as a big deal “and kept cleaning the wound with Saline Water.”

In the video you can see that the actor bows down his head to show the wound and during the video he says ““now the scene is this. I am suffering a lot, for the doctor’s negligence and not cleaning the wound properly. So is my family. I have been facing extreme problems for the last two months and had to suffer professionally too.”

This was Sajid Hassan’s story and this is the way he has spread awareness and warned the people who are looking forward to get hair transplants. In the end of the video he also said “go to the right surgeon and do a lot research” and he also pointed towards his wounds and said “this is what happens when you go to the wrong guy.”