Jodhpur: Bollywood actor Salman Khan, walks through a crowd outside the court, has been acquitted in 1998 Arms Act case by Jodhpur court, in Jodhpur on Wednesday. PTI Photo (PTI1_18_2017_000034A)

Salman Khan was having some busy days, he is working on a lot of movies. The race 3 starrer has faced the court verdict on April 5 on BlackBuck hunting case. It has been reported that Salman Khan has recently hunted down Blackbucks in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Salman Khan had also hunted Chinkara’s. on September 28 1998, Salman Khan had hunted down another Blackbuck in the ghoda farms.

A complaint was soon filed against the star and his acts on October 2, 1998, by the people of Bishnoi. After only ten days , Salman Khan was later arrested on the complaint to the case. However, the actor was granted a bail five days later.

Blackbucks are species that are almost at the verge of extinction and our protected under the Wildlife act. The killing of Blackbucks can lead upto six years of imprisonment. After the 1998 case, Salman Khan was once again convicted of the case in 2006 and he was asked to spend five years in jail and pay a fine of 25,000Rs. The actors appeal was dismissed in 2007 but Salman only spent 6 days in central jail. The actor had also been charged with the Arms Act, but he was cleared of that as well by the Rajasthan High Court.

After all the problems faced by Salman Khan the actor thought that the case is over however in 2012 the case had been revised and he was found guilty under under the Wildlife protection act. The case once again opened up at 11 November 2016, as the supreme court pleased the Rajasthan’s government’s idea. Well this is bad time for the actor Salman Khan Also Known As Sallu Bhai is going through tough times. The actor has signed many films like Race 3, Dabangg 3 and Bharat. Well this is what we know about the case hope everything remains fine for the Bollywood hunk.