Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung launches new Smart Phones Galaxy S9 & S9+ Now in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S9 in pakistan Thursday  Samsung has launched its most advanced mobile series — the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ in Pakistan with an introductory price of Rs1,03,000 and Rs1,14,000 respectively in Pakistan smartphones are available in three colors.

A glitzy launching ceremony was held at a local hotel in Lahore, where the President Samsung EC Pakistan– Mr. YJ Kim was the chief-guest, accompanied by many Samsung dealers and distinguished personalities.

SAMSUNG galaxy s9

Best and S9+’s camera revealed :

1) Super slow-mo

The slow-motion video captures 960 frames per second. That’s amazing The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also offer automatic motion detection, a feature that detects movement in the frame and automatically begins to record, all users have to do is set up the shot. After capturing the super slow-mo video, users can select background music from 35 different options or add a tune from their favorite playlist. Users can also easily create, edit and share GIF files with a simple tap in three playful styles of looping to watch the action over and over again.

2) Low light camera

Samsung’s dual aperture (F1.5 / F2.4) automatically let in more light when it’s dark and less light when it’s too bright, taking photos that are crisp and clear, according to the press release.

3) AR Emoji

Samsung lets users create an emoji that looks, sounds and acts like them. AR Emoji uses a data-based machine learning algorithm, which analyses a 2D image of the user and maps out more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model that reflects and imitates expressions, like winks and nods, for true personalization. AR Emoji shares users’ real-life emotions not only in video but also with a range of stickers and uses a standard AGIF file format so users can share their emojis across most third-party messaging platforms.

4) Bixby

Samsung’s intelligence platform, integrated into the camera, uses augmented reality and deep learning technologies to provide helpful information about a user’s surroundings. With real-time object detection and recognition, Bixby instantly generates information directly on top of the image that the camera is pointing at. Users can translate foreign languages and currency in real time with live translation, learn about their surroundings and purchase products seen in the real world and track calories throughout the day.

As the first smartphone to support the new SmartThings app, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the central hubs to manage every facet of the connected lifestyle at home, at the office or on the go. The SmartThings app will be introduced with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and will connect to other Samsung and non-Samsung devices, the press release further stated.

those above features Samsung shares its press release.