As we enter the second quarter of the year, Saqib Malik’s debut film ‘Baaji’ seems to be one of the most promising films releasing this year. After creating quite a buzz from its trailer, the makers have released another track of the film titled “Badlaan”.

The song is refreshing as an ice-cold watermelon juice in scorching heat. Zeb Bangash vocal to the melodious track is quite clean and soothing to listen. The melodies are simply yet pretty.
The song is set in the backdrop where Neha (Amna Ilyas) gets a job as Shameera’s (Meera) assistant. The song has those bursting lovely little moments that’ll bring a smile to your face. It’s nice to see both the ladies dancing and enjoying around with utmost ease. The song is shot aesthetically; lyrics are meaningful that adds to the theme of the song. The chemistry between Meera and Amna is bang on.

Baaji marks the comeback of Meera to the silver screen. Meera plays a fading Lollywood star in the film. Interestingly, Meera has chosen a project where she could play her age. Baaji aims to be a commercial potboiler which has all the right mix of ingredients. Saqib Malik has co-written the film with writer Irfan Ahmed Urfi.
The film offers an ensemble cast that includes Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and Ali Kazmi, Nisho and Nayyar Ejaz in pivotal roles.

Baaji releases on June 28, 2019

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