As we all know the Coronavirus has grasped the whole world in its arms, however until the WHO does not find a vaccine to this disease the world has decided to lockdown their countries to stop the spread of this deadly virus, however lockdown means a great blow towards the economy as it suffers a great loss during this lockdown.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have approved a new procedure for the payment of advertising bills which will be followed during the lockdown.

According to the new procedure 85 percent of the bills will be made directly to the media organizations and the rest 15 percent will be made to advertising agencies as a part of commission.

However 100 percent payments would be made to Media organization in the case of classified advertisements, which means advertising agencies would suffer a huge loss and would not get any commission. This huge blow has forced advertising agencies to announce pay cuts in order to survive.

However handling this huge blow the Pakistan Advertising Association has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan whose subject reads out “Save jobs of thousands of people associated with advertising industry.”

The appeal reads out “The procedure which circumvents the advertising agencies in prescribing the payment of display and classified advertisement bills directly to media organizations threatens the survival of the agencies without accruing any financial benefit to the government itself.”

TO overcome this issue Prime Minister Imran Khan has formed a committee of 5 people for the protection of media workers and industry after Pakistan Broadcasting Association has issues that need to be resolved.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also said that the media is playing a really big part in this fight against coronavirus and that the government will fully protect the media industry.