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‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’, authored by Sayeeda Leghari, has been nominated in two categories: ‘Asian – Published in Asia’ and ‘Culinary Heritage’. Indeed, it’s the only book from Pakistan to be nominated at the International Gourmand Awards this 2018. Markings won their first Gourmand Award for the title ‘Deliciously Yours’ by Lal Majid in 2014 which was followed by another Gourmand Award for their Pakistan-India collaborative cook book, “Flavours of the Frontier” in 2015.

Sayeeda Leghari set to make an appearance at the prestigious International Gourmand Awards on 27th May 2018


photography | films | photobooth
photography | films | photobooth

‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’ explores how the cuisine of a country is intricately woven into its fabric and is shaped by the history and characteristics of the region and its people. Traditions and cultures overlap in the subcontinent, which is a region of shared history. In this book, Leghari has tried to give readers an insight into the incredible journey of Pakistani cuisine, its grandeur as well as its simplicity, its finesse as well as its ruggedness and the historical influences that have shaped it.


The results will be announced at the annual International Gourmand Awards on 27th May, 2018 in Yantai, China – the food capital of Shandong province in China.


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