Selena Gomez rekindled relationship with Justin Bieiber is creating family problems between the two love birds. After Selena Gomez broke Justin Biebers heart a lot of times, No wonder her family is thrilled about the news that shes back with ex one again after all these years. Selena Gomez’s mother Mandy Teefey 41 reportedly ended up in hospital after taking stress about her daughters decisions and the duo have now stopped following each other in Instagram too. Isnt that shocking. Well it’s a bad sighn and Selena is terrified that her relationship with her ex is creating so many family problems.

Selena feels like shes being forced to choose sides whether to please her mom or follow her true love. Selena has loved Justin Bieber since years after all the good and bad happened in between them. They have been through a lot but Selena still wants to stay with Justin Bieber. Reportedly its said that Selena is trying her level best to convince her mother about Justin hats hes grown up and matured however her mother mandy is steadfoot and she keeps on refusing to selena’s ideas.

Selena knows that her mother is trying to be protective and that this love story is becoming too unpredictable. Its such a shame that Selena Gomez and her mother were doing great and then Justin Bieber became the third wheel between the two creating problems especially with the singer having a life-saving kidney transplant. Mandy as well all the other relatives are against Selena dating the Famous boy Justin Bieber. Its really sad to see that selena unfollowed her mother on Instagram. Mandy and Selena are going through a really hard time well

its said that its best time of the year. Will the duo be back before Christmas. Will Selena think about her mom or will she save her true love