Police have arrested two street criminals who robbed a woman in DHA and then took selfies from the cellphone which were automatically uploaded on the woman’s google account.  The criminals had stolen the phone on Gunpoint in DHA phase VI( Defence Housing Authority).

The two men are reportedly named Nadeem and Majid, robbed a woman in named Erum Altaf in Badar Commercial area on 27th December 2018. As per reports the File Investigation report was launched in Darakshan police station on 29th December 2018. Well thanks to the thieves the police inestigators did not have much to do as the Thieves took some selfies and were then caught as the pictures were uploaded on the woman’s google account.

After looking at the selfies the police had took help from NADRA and soon after their help the suspects were identified and were caught red handed. After the two were picked up by the police the Police had confiscated two illegal weapons from them and the stolen phone. After this the phone was returned to the rightful owner Erum Altaf and the criminals Nadeem and Majid are going through criminal proceedings.

The crime rates have gradually increased in the city Karachi and everyday many street crimes take place, the people are also taking actions and police have also formed special forces to handle street crimes District Korangi Police also made a squad of policemen to handle street crimes. Well will these precautions really help and lower the rates of street crimes taking place in Karachi.