Shaan-e-Pakistan Musical Achievements (SEPMA 2019) to be held in Lahore, after meeting overwhelming success with its cross cultural events held in Delhi Lahore, and Karachi. Here it welcomes the entire music fraternity for a two day event; a Music Summit honoring the countries’ prolific cultures on March 21, 2019 followed by a rhythmic collaboration of soulful symphonies in a celebration of musical achievements to be held on March 22, 2019, at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club.

Shaan-e-Pakistan now gets an Executive Producer on board; Irfan Pardesi,aiming to enhance the Music Community. Irfan Pardesi is a graduate from London School of Economics; followed by Harvard Professional Graduate Program. He is based out of South Africa; leading a diversified portfolio which includes Real Estate; Technology Ventures; and currently looking to empower the music community with international tie ups and voice exports. Irfan’s vision is aligned with SEPMA 2019 and Huma Nassr to take a step towards this initiative.

“SEPMA 2019 aims to celebrate Music and Cultures of Pakistan by, recognizing and giving achievements to the local musicians, and by collaborating them with prominent South Asian talent as we come with the message that there is no difference boundaries amongst talent and art; hence all artists come together to perform/showcase with the message of peace and love” says Huma Nassr, the founder of Shaan-e-Pakistan.

Shaan-e-Pakistan is a prestigious platform that has taken the initiative to bridge the gap mainly between India & Pakistan and bring peace to this volatile region using cultural elements and arts that bind the histories of the two countries. Pakistan and India share many similarities when it comes to music, art and fashion, and Shaan-e-Pakistan has used these very arenas to propagate a message of unity. In the past, it has hosted musical events graced by the late Amjad Sabri along with fashion shows exhibiting designers from both countries. Their first editions have received great applause for showcasing the culture of the subcontinent in different countries.