Shahood Alvi is playing a negative character in iDreams entertainment’s serial ‘Mere Khudaya’

Looking at the poster of the new drama serial, Mere Khudaya, running on ARY digital every Saturday at 8 pm, one can easily gauge the gist of the story. The bald, menacing image of Shahood Alvi, with kohl lined eyes, is enough to send chills down your spine, cementing his villainous role in the serial. Flanked by two innocent faces, Saboor Aly and Zubab Rana; the helpless faces of whom will make you want to watch it even more to sympathies with the seemingly poor girls.

The serial starts and revolves around two best friends Mehak and Aleena, played by Saboor and Zubab respectively, who are the polar opposites of each other. Mehak is a shy and studious girl, while Aleena is the bold and outgoing one, often bunking college to meet her boyfriend Shehzad.

The camaraderie between Mehak and Aleena is palpable, with Mehak always ready to help her friend out and constantly reminding her to stay safe and covering up for her. Aleena on the other hand comes across as a selfish character, who only looks out for herself and not beyond.

In a parallel setting, the story of Sajid, played by Shahood Alvi, is also unfolding, keeping the viewer gripped with its intricacies and mystery. He is a convicted rapist, yet is out on the streets, working as the girls’ van driver. You can never tell what his next move will be, as he is still trying to find his own way in the serial. We see two sides to him, a caring husband and son at home and a predator on the roads; the viewer is sure to be torn in their sympathies for him.

An extremely gripping character for a man who has equal amounts of charm and intrigue, Sajid is sure to put Shahood Alvi back in the radar as a household name.

Mere Khudaya, running on ARY digital every Saturday at 8 pm.