Syra Shahroz

The devastating news of the separation between the couple stunned everyone around while leaving the fans speechless.  The rumors where spreading for the last 3 months that this couple haven’t seen together in any events.

Shahroz Sabzwari & Syra Shahroz‘s seperation rumours confirmed

Celebdhaba Got in touch with Shahroz sabzwari and confirmed this news,

‘we got seperation for the last 6 months and that was totally Syra’s decission and she left with her own choice, there is no such legal procedure has been done yet from us, And Sadaf Kanwal is my dear friend, people should not relate our personal relationship with this matter’ 

we got in touch with Syra yousaf but she didnt talk on this matter.

The couple tied up the knots back in October 2012 and they have a daughter named Noorie.


Shahroz Sabzwari speaksout on this Matter on his social media and he clears the relationship with Syra


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