Shameless Proposals

Shameless Proposals highlights the dreadful moments about the Rishta Procedure!

As the taste and demands of the new-age viewer changes, content providers are exploring new ways to deliver original programmes specific to the digital audiences. We have movie makers hardly experimenting with content in order to please the audiences while on the other hand, we have web-series producers coming up with some exceptional work.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship which unites two people for their lifetime. Every person wishes to find a good life partner with whom he/she can spend the life happily. In places like Pakistan, arranged marriages have been part of the culture for centuries and they are predicated on the idea that parents know best, so why not let them choose?

Shameless Proposals

BVC Media & Sadia Jabbar productions upcoming web series ‘Shameless Proposals’ sheds light at the orthodox mindset of parents in Pakistan who almost agree to every condition in order to get their daughter married. They sell their daughter like a product to the society.

Speaking exclusively to Celebdhaba Jabbar said: Arranged marriage looms large over most Pakistani women in their 20s. Many women have no choice but to succumb to the pressure of such proposals. ‘Shameless Proposals’ will explore seven different types of proposals through the lens of arrange marriage.

Shameless Proposals

She further added: In today’s contemporary world, girls are speaking up and raising questions regarding on why are they being judged on the basis of their beauty? Why are the core elements of marriage i.e. ideology, mindset and compatibility between the couple is being ignored.

Shameless Proposals

Sadia concluded: TV and films are mediums which have restricted reach to the masses. In today’s time and date web series is an effective tool to raise our voice. The bubble of web series is new in Pakistan, although it is very popular all around the world. It’s a fresh window with minimum investments. Moving away from all the daily-soap drama, web series is making a name for itself.

Shameless Proposals is written by Saji Gul & Atlas. It is directed by Hunny Haroon.


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