Countries have gone into lockdown due to the Covid-19 and Pakistan has also shut down their international flights to avoid the spread of this contagious disease. Due to this lockdown Shamoon Abbasi and the rest of his cast are stuck in Thailand with no means to come back as international flights have been closed. Shamoon Abbasi alongside with Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Sara Lauren, Imam Syed and 14 members of the crew are stuck in Thailand in the city of Kachanaburi.

Shamoon Abbasi shared a video where he stated “I am speaking to all of you from Kachanaburi a city in Thailand where me and my team are residing in a hotel. We are currently in self-qurantine however we are running out of resources. The officials overhere are looking out for us and we hoped that we would receive some positive news till 4th or 5th April however Asad Umar has recently revealed the lockdown has been prolonged till 14th of April.”

He further added on “We would like to appeal to government of Pakistan if there is any way we can be brought back to Pakistan, we are all ready to go in to quarantine and undergo all the formalities while coming back to Pakistan.”

Sanam Saeed also spoke to us revealing “Well now with the change of news we are officially stuck here till the embassy sorts out a flight, we are in touch with the ambassador here, they are collecting a list of all Pakistanis stuck in Thailand and when the number is significant they will fly us back home.”

She further added on “apparently the number has reached 100 or so already. In Sha Allah they will do what is necessary to help us, meanwhile me and the cast and crew are safe and in self quarantine in our hotel but resources are running out and Bangkok is not on the list for international flights taking place from 3rd to 11th April.”