Shamoon Abbasi ‘DURJ’ Does Not Clear Censorship Rights

Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film ‘Durj’ refused to get censorship certificate however it looks like the actor and filmmaker won’t be giving up on his masterpiece.

Shamoon Abbasi had stated that his film ‘Durj’ was cleared by the censor boards in Sindh and Punjab however it was rejected by the federal censor board.

Speaking to Images Shamoon stated “Suddenly, something happened, the clearances from Punjab and Sindh got revoked and the ones pending were put on hold. This is what we know for now and definitely, we will have to counter the process.”

However the filmmaker has now planned to remove content from the film which is unsuitable and is ready to edit the film so that it can be granted censorship and he has written a letter to Mr. Danial Gillani the chairman of the Central Board of Film Censors.

The letter read out “I Shamoon Abbasi is the producer and director of the movie ‘DURJ’ which was under review for the censorship purpose on 20-10-2019 which was sent by our distributor Mr. Naveed Ahmed of Distribution Club in Islamabad.”

It further added on “Sir, kindly grant us the chance of review as we appeal to you that is to carried out by the new panel of judges/analysts and we will follow the instructions given by the new panel and make sure to remove any unsuitable footage, as you assured us your best co-operation.”

Will Shamoon Abbasi be granted the opportunity to edit his masterpiece. DURJ will be making it International Release on October 11.