Shamoon Abbasi is doing another feature film based on the life of the Brave policeman, Aslam Choudary, the film is titled as ‘Choudary’. Shamoon Abbasi Took this announcement to his official Facebook handle where he posted “Signed another epic today ‘Choudary’ the feature film based on Aslam Choudary, directed by Azeem Sajjad produced by Neha Laaj a Laaj production, wish the entire team good luck and a smooth transition till the completion of my project :).”

We asked Shamoon Abbasi about this project and he told us

“I just signed this exclusive project today, the film is titled as Choudary and it is based on the Super cop Aslam Choudary, who was actually against the Taliban and how he faced all the faced the Taliban’s in Pakistan’s history, he was one of the most upfront police officer who was also attacked several times and this film is based on the life of Aslam Choudary  and how he died.”

We further asked the actor who is behind this project and he told us “The film is being directed by Azeem Sajjad, he is a great director who has a lot of experience in the film industry ”

Shamoon Abbasi also told us about his role in the film “ I’m not playing the role of Aslam Choudary but my role will be a surprise and I will not be revealing about it let’s just keep it a good surprise, Its basically an experimental role where you guys would be seeing me not talking so much, however I can guarantee you that it’s going to be interesting.”

The film ‘Choudary’ is going to be a must watch a biopic in the life of the greatest police officer who lost his life in action.