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Shamoon Abbasi: One can’t afford to fool audience in the digital age

There are very less movies whose trailers leave you with the craving of wanting to watch the film as soon as they get over. First things first, Shamoon Abbasi has the potential not only make audience sit to the edge of their seats but also make them sob by his story.

The trailer of Shamoon Abbasi’s much-awaited film Durj is finally out. A film trailer that have loads of thrill and suspense.

Check out the trailer and find out more about the film.

“Durj” is based on true events that actually took place in Pakistan. It is directed and written by Shamoon Abbasi himself. It also stars Maira Khan, Nauman Javaid, Dodi Khan, Sherry Shah and Hafeez Ali.

The screenplay & story seems to be a salient winner of the film. You must’ve guessed by the trailer how fresh the film looks taking vigor to another level infusing every frame with life.  Dialogues go well with the theme of the film and none of them is plugged in just for the sake of it. The trailer ends on a cliffhanger note which will raise many questions about the story. Shamoon’s performance as Pakistani cannibal deserves a special mention.

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A jubilant Shamoon Abbasi expressed his views to Celebdhaba about the experience of Durj and the immense praise its trailer is receiving from all spheres!

Shamoon said he wants to cross-check a few mandates before starting any project: ‘To be honest it wasn’t a cakewalk at all. History is littered with stories about people eating human flesh. Whether it’s tales of uncivilized islanders eating their own as a daily custom, or tales of people being forced to eat others in order to survive, humankind has shown time and time again that it’s willing to devour its own. It not just exists in Pakistan but has subsistence all over the world from centuries’

He further added: ‘The idea of cannibalism triggered my mind as I saw the news of two brothers in Punjab digging graves and eating up fresh bodies. Later on they were caught by the police and put behind bars. Unfortunately, there was no offence of cannibalism found in our jurisdiction, which resultantly made them release from imprisonment. Internationally such people with mental disorders are treated as cases are studied for research purpose’

‘I did a lot of research on cannibalism in order to get it right. It wasn’t just looking evil on screen, we worked on the small peculiarities of the character i.e. I grew up my nails kept my beard for two years. Due to the beard factor, I had to refuse many projects that came my way. As the character was so intense I had to disconnect with the social life. I would like to mention the special efforts by Sherry Shah, as she went bald for her look and she did some scenes in which she was tortured in real’ explains Abbasi

He added: We were very clear about the fact that the audience of Pakistan may not respond to this genre, therefore we have kept the cannibalism on a lighter note. The film doesn’t entirely revolves around it, it has three stories which unanimously connects into one. It took us a year to work on the script, although changes in the script were being done on the shoot as well to get the desired result. I wanted to give Durj a commercial film status rather than a documentary film.

Apart from the characterization, it was tough to find locations and even to reach their for shoot. We shot in the mountains where there were no facilities, improper roads to drive, sanitation issues etc. Too survive and sustain into those circumstances along with the unit was an uphill task.

Talking about why people should go to theaters he said: Times have changed for cinema as people are watching digital content; you can’t fool the audience by just making a film. We wanted to give the audience a change from the typical masala flicks. As an industry we shouldn’t be stuck in the genre of romcoms only. It’s not about using state of the art technology, it’s all about content.

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Another achievement 🙂

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Expressing his views at the response to its trailers, he said: it is amazing to see how people have reacted and absolutely loved it. I hope they shower the same amount of love in cinemas also. It is being viewed by a huge number of people. People from international arena are reviewing it on you tube as well. People can see the hard work and reality behind within every shot. The film is being shot on eight cameras, grading has been done from Italy, the original sound score is being done by Asif Noorani. The trailer music is being done by a Spanish musician.

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We Proudly Present, The First Look: Dodi Khan delivers his first Cinematic Debut as one of the integral characters in the upcoming blockbuster, #DURJ and was one of the first people who actually believed as well as envisioned the future of this film before he came on as the producer. This multitalented actor/producer has done years of strength-training, kick boxing and professional body-building which as an effect help him portray his rugged character exceptionally. #DURJ coming soon thelittleblip@icloud.comFor more information, Contact Us: Email: Or our Marketing Agency at: Email: #blipmedia management group our other pages: Facebook: DURJ – A Feature Film" Twitter: @Durjthemovie Instagram: @Durjthemovie Youtube:

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Durj will encourage young filmmakers to come up with meaningful cinema and great ideas. It’s an international collaboration and I have been partners with Dodi Khan from Amsterdam. It’s a joint venture of Holland and Pakistan.

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