Marvel has announced 5 of its big projects which are slated to release next. The 5 films include Thor: Love And Thunder, Shang-Chi: Legend Of The Ten Rings, Doctor Strange, The Eternals. Well all these films will be seen in the MCU phase 4 and the makers have revealed the release date of the films. Shang Chi: The Legend Of Ten Rings will be hitting the theatres on February 12,2021.

We will not only be getting a Shang-Chi film but we will also be exploring the legend of the Ten Rings a mysterious agency which have been seen as terrorists in many MCU film including Iron Man. In Iron Man 3 we were introduced to the leader of the Ten Rings who Mandarin who was played by Ben Kingsley however in Shang-Chi Tony Leung will be playing the role of Mandarin and in the title role we will be seeing Simu Liu as the new superhero Awkwafina is also included in the cast however her role in the film has not been disclosed by the makers.

Shang Chi who is the master of Kung Fu and is born in China will be the first ever Asian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe however he does not consists of any superpowers like all the others in he can only control the life force which is called Chi and it is really hard to say where the makers will be fitting him now that Marvel has some really powerful superheroes including Captain Marvel.

Destin Daniel Cretton will be directing the film and we are expecting Mandarin to play the main villain alongside his Ten Rings what will be the story is still unknown however it’s a Marvel Film and many surprises can be expected from the film.