Popular pop star and a humanitarian by heart, Shehzad Roy is all set to make his acting debut this year.

The singer turned actor has made this big announcement in an exclusive interview with Instep.

“I’m acting in a movie,” Shehzad said. “We have two scripts with us right now. More than acting, the ambition is to make a film but yes, I am also acting. I won’t be the director of course, but I will have a role in the process of the film,” he said.

Reportedly, the singer has been offered two films – one is penned down by Anwar Maqsood and another one is by his old friend and colleague Faisal Qureshi.

“More than acting, my ambition is to make a film”

Adding to the subject, Roy also stated that he would like to do a role which either be like real him or in complete contrast of his actual persona.

“After PSL, things will concretize with the film. But as far as acting is concerned, I will only do it if I think I can,” the singer said. “That is why I’m a part of the process of the film. The role(s) are such that either they are in complete contrast to me or close to me, nothing is in between. It is more difficult to do a role that’s somewhere in the middle.”

While remain busy with his humanitarian work, Roy has given a break to his passion for music. His last record was released almost a decade ago. In the meantime, he worked on two documentaries (Wasu Aur Mein, Chal Parha) to raise social awareness in the society.

While sharing his future plans, Roy also added that music would also take center-stage in his life once again. He has recently composed two songs for PSL – one for HBL and another one is for Karachi Kings.

“I am the ambassador for HBL and because it’s HBL-PSL, I’m technically already a part of it. Because I live in Karachi, when Karachi Kings asked me to do a song, it was a natural alliance. And so, I’ve done two songs, one for HBL and one for Karachi Kings. And I’m performing at the opening.”

In the Karachi Kings song, the legendary cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi has joined him on the vocals.

“In the Karachi Kings song, Afridi is singing with me. What we’ve tried is to keep the anthem feel higher. Shahid is an old friend and the lyrics reflect his temperament. The humourous element is present as well.”